American Renaissance 2012|Henry McElroy

If you recall, the last time we spoke was back in May 2010, where I shared some information that has since, covered the globe.  I didn’t make further comment on this subject.  I wanted you, the viewer, to discern for yourself the importance of that information I had seen while in office as a public servant.

To be honest, even though I agreed to come forward with my personal contribution to a topic that has become more widespread than ever in history, this was not something that I would consider to be my only interest.

Or, passion – if you will.

For this and other reasons there are two topics I’d like to talk to you about today. The first has to do with the Nation.

The second has to do with the world – which directly relates to why I came forward with the information I shared in my speech in 2010.

Both topics are equally important, so please read both.

Discern for yourself both the importance of and the interconnections (SYMBIOSES) of these two topics for achieving the ultimate goal of sustaining the positive Rule of Law goals discussed herein.

When I served in the House of Representatives as a public servant for the State of New Hampshire, I had a personal dream.  My hope was to be part of something that would serve humanity in a much greater capacity than simply nodding in agreement to a series of decisions that had been made by both my personal state, and the nation.  I was hoping that I, along with others, would be able to slowly return our country back to our original intent.  The original intent that you and I remember from long ago.

Where decisions about our future were made at a local level.

Where these decisions were made for the greater good.

Not just for our nation, but for the world.

But, this is not what I discovered.

And, this is not what is being done.

A few months ago, I was exposed, along with the entire world, to a group of heroic, inspired individuals – who have attempted to be heard above the others.  Otherwise known as the “Occupy Movement,” I sat and watched these people petitioning to make positive changes.  And, to be honest, I admired them.

I still do.

These “Occupy Movement” petitioners reminded of how, in the 1774 time frame of American history when the citizens of America began coming together to directly and formally re-align the imposed, misguided direction of our then aborning nation — our American Republic –These efforts culminated with our 55 signatures on July 4, 1776.  And, when I saw, in these our current times, our people standing in the freezing rain and in the hot sunshine, holding their petitioning signs, in an overwhelming sense of “One Voice” unity –  I was humbled- humbled that our people are once again in the process of course correcting and re-aligning the imposed, misguided direction of our maturing “Ship of State” Nation.

And, I still am.

But, in my own humility, something struck me.  I realized that these brave, well-meaning citizens are lawfully Petitioning for Redress of their Grievances related to Economic, Financial and Political problems.

This right to petition is protected under the First Bill of Rights of the Constitution for the U.S.  This First BOR is one of the foundational planks of America’s Rule of Law.  Perhaps unaware, these Petitioners were and are simply petitioning for a return to Clause 5.

Clause 5 is another of the foundational planks of America’s Rule of Law.

This Clause 5 of Americas’ original, providentially inspired Rule of Law, is not to be delegated by the Congress to any entity – especially not to any bank which by definition has an obvious conflict of interest in dealing with the monetary subjects of Clause 5.

These and other foundational planks can be found in America’s Constitutions (State & national) and in other of our founding documents.

Clause 5 of Article 1 Section 8 reads:

The Congress shall have the power— 5.  To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.

To me, as a retiring State Rep, Justice of the Peace and more, the meaning is clear.

I have always understood its meaning and kept it in mind while serving as a State Rep for New Hampshire.

It means that Congress: Shall provide a debt free monetary system that does not grow the National Debt and set the value thereof.

The meaning of Clause 5 is clear, simple and straight forward. It stood America in good stead until the 1913 time frame.  Clause 5’s original intent, by the people, was to keep these extreme powers of America’s Monetary, Financial and Economic Systems directly in the hands of the American People (ideally with our public servants Honoring it with Dedication and Truth) and not under the control of any cartels or banks or any elites or any special interest.

These powers are not to be delegated to any other person or entity – especially not to an entity that would have a conflict of interest with any monetary or economic matters – see Clause 5)

Only the Congress is to manage these Clause 5 powers. Nowhere does the Rule of Law give Congress the Power to delegate these Clause 5 powers.

Also, being aware of the unalienable rights and responsibilities of the citizens of America, I, at this point want to remind you that what we need to do as the American People, from our local and State and National levels, is to re-implement and sustain the original intent of Clause 5 and continuously seek for the purest form of enlightenment in order to most effectively accomplish and sustain this Clause 5 Rule of Law action.

Therefore, to the “Occupy Movement,” I want to thank you for your efforts at petitioning and working to redress the problems in our Financial, Economic, and Political systems and sustaining these Rule of Law solutions into the long term future  for the benefit of Humankind World Wide.

Since I made that important statement in 2010, I was inspired to do more research on the topic (i.e. Eisenhower being offered a meeting with Off World Astronauts) which was presented to him, the then new President, in that 1953 Memorandum.   This is a topic that many Americans are still attempting to rectify in their minds as I was.

My research and observation of the records suggest that perhaps the information that Eisenhower and possibly others may have received in such alleged meeting(s) with the Off World Astronauts  is what motivated President Eisenhower and his administration in 1958 to  convert NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) to NASA (National Aeronautics and SPACE Administration)  which enabled us earth based Humans to speed up our  learning in order to better develop and utilize “Outer Space Exploration Technologies.”     Enlightenment on these Space Technologies may have been given to us by the Extraterrestrials for the purposes of us more effectively moving into Outer Space on a more timely basis via the Moon, the Space Stations and Mars…

Remember also that the President Eisenhower administration was followed immediately by President Kennedy and his administration and they used NASA to take Mankind to the Moon — on the edge of the Cosmos — and then space stations were put in place.  All this began or continued to happen on a somewhat more rapid schedule immediately following the 1953 Memorandum to President Eisenhower which was related to the Off-World Astronauts’ willingness to meet with Eisenhower who had a trained, logical mind for effectively handling large, global type projects.

Upon further research, I found that there is a theory that these off-world astronauts, were of the Race that had a hand in creating the Human Race.  And, even though it seems, at first glance, to be inconceivable, I looked around our own civilization and realized that we, too, have dabbled in cloning, genetic manipulation, and various other forms of Research and Development along these same lines.

Therefore, in our own evolution, we, too – may be in the position to replicate ourselves – elsewhere.

All in all, after much consideration, I have to concede that this theory, that the human race was created by another race of individuals who were much more advanced than our own, is quite probable.

And, if that is probable, it is also conceivable, that being their creation, we may hold the same internal capabilities of these our ancestors including greatly advanced sources of knowledge and reasoning.

And, by being created in their image, I find that there is hope for our future with a renewed, enlightened sense of Honor, Dedication and Truth.

So, when I read that Memorandum inviting Eisenhower to meet these people, and when I was encouraged to share this information and some of these facts with the world, my greatest hope is that by sharing this I would aid humanity in some small way — Aid humanity, that is, to achieve the greatest heights of our potential for Honor, Dedication, Truth and Reasoning.

Thank you for spending this time with me.

And, thank you for your past support by allowing me to share not only my last announcement, but the contents of this – yet another important piece of advice and facts not only with my Nation – but with the World.

Thank you and Creators’ Speed to America and the world in our now, once again enlightened efforts to accomplish the re-implementation  of the original intent of our Rule of Law,  with Honor, Dedication, Truth and Reasoning.